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What are we looking for?

Candidates with potential who are prepared to assume management of departments in the hotel and restaurant industry.

How can I access job offers?

By registering and including a link to your CV in our database.

What makes us different?

We provide a link between initial training, early employment experience and management committees, the ideal step to develop your professional career.

What is WALENT?

WALENT is a division of JCI Talent ( focusing on detecting talent right from the outset, providing follow-up and helping to enhance professional careers.

What is JCI Talent Search?

JCI Talent Search is a management selection company constituted in 2000 which is now a leader in the hotel and restaurant sector.

What is the nature of the selection process?
  • Identification of candidates
  • Pre-evaluation and coordination of interviews
  • Interview and evaluation process
  • Checks of references
  • Proposal of candidates
  • Coordination of processes and supply of documentation
  • Monitoring of candidates within the organisation in coordination with the employee